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I usually teach on a one to one basis depending on the clients'

needs. Whether it is a Photoshop® lesson, full DSLR tuition or

how to get the best from your point and shoot camera, you are in the right

place. You can join me for a course or just an hour. I can come to you or you

can come to me. We can meet on location. I can supply a course to a friend

as a gift voucher from you. My aim is to make photography education fun and

accessible to anyone that wants it.

Lessons can include:

Studio lighting

Available light



People and portraiture

Pet/animal photography

Close-up and product photography

Wedding photography

Stock photography

Street and amusing photography

Macro imaging

Making a living from your camera


Courses reinforce the rules of composition and lighting. Naturally camera

and light control are developed. Once you have your camera away from the

comfort of auto mode you will see what a powerful artistic and commercial tool

that it is.

Expensive equipment is NOT required to take good images just a good eye,

some light and an appetite to learn.

Image processing software can be daunting, lessons in the basic use of these

programs is taught. The competant user who wishes to improve will also find

the lessons beneficial.

One on one courses are tailored to the clients wishes and needs.

I am based in south west Oxfordshire.

Rates £35 per hour.



'I really do appreciate all your teaching and skill involved in the process. Thank you so much!' (Heidi)

'It was a really pleasure and a fantastic learning opportunity for
me. I can't thank you enough for your informative lesson.' (Chris)

'I thought the workshop was brilliant! Before hand i just thought i would be going to the workshop for research then commissioning images from you, but you really inspired me to attempt to make them myself !' (Jess)

' It was a great day - I probably cannot describe how much easier it will be for me trying to produce
images. I feel that it was a time well spent - worth the price.'(Wojciech)

'Thanks again. A very valuable experience'. (Stuart)


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