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About me

I have been making and fixing as long as I can remember. As a youngster I was awarded a Diploma in silversmithing and allied crafts  from Medway College of Design. These skills have enabled me to make such diverse items as wedding bands to silver items to  bizarrely, wings and body parts for historic Formula 1 and classic cars. 
I  have a degree in photography, specialising in 19th and early 20th century image making and equipment. 
I have worked on notable items created by eminent makers and designers such as Faberge, Hester Bateman, Paul Storr , Mappin & Webb, Asprey to name a few.

As an artist I have exhibited at:

Medway College of Art and Design,
Goldsmiths Hall, London
The Design Centre, London
The Ritz, London
The Jam Factory, Adelaide
The Lowry, Manchester
Plymouth College of Art and Design
Kew Gardens, London
Association of Photographers Gallery, London
Olympia, London
The Gallery in Cork Street, London (Twice)
Touchestones, Rochdale
New Brewery Arts, Cirencester
The Photographers Lounge, Swanage
Bry Sur Marne (Daguerre's house), Paris
Gravesend Town Hall
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Kieron Styles Art Studios, Oxford
Royal Academy, Bristol
Center Of Alternative Photography, New York
Photo Art Fair, London
The Mall Gallery, London 



Media enquiries please contact

In 2017 I was asked to repair an item on BBC's
The Repair Shop.
From then, more items arrived and I have become a regular member of the team. I work with an amazing bunch of skilled crafts people.
I have repaired over 100 items on the show.
 In 2019 The Repair Shop was awarded Best Daytime Programme by the Royal Television Society and received the prestigious international Rose d’or prize for Reality and Factual Entertainment. In 2020 it won Best Daytime Programme at the Broadcast Awards. In 2021 the show was nominated for a BAFTA, the National Television Awards and won the TRIC award. The team now appears on primetime TV on BBC1.
In March 2022,  I won my episode of  Celebrity Mastermind.
For shows that I have appeared in click here


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