Brenton West (BA Hons, Dip. AD)

Brenton West is a qualified silversmith, and photographer. He has spent many years working with historic                                     

motor vehicles including Formula One, has spent time woking in the property business and for the last 15 years

has made a lifelong hobby into a business by specialising in photography.His commercial work has seen him

work for companies such as Savills and The Royal Yachting Association. Brenton West was invited to join the

Devon Guild of Craftsmen and also passed the qualifying examination for the BIPP.


For Brenton West's art works he uses digital, film (35mm and large format) and most recently

using pure silver plates, to create traditional Daguerreotypes. He feels that sometimes in the

frantic, impetuous digital world, (which he embraces) time has to be taken to stop and value an image.

To this end some of his projects are long term and time consuming.Hand-bound photo books also are

a method of presentation that he utilises as a way of expanding the printed media.The work has received much

aclaim and publicity.

Some of Brenton West's commercial photobooks..




He has exhibited work at ;

Bryanston School, Dorset

Medway College of Art and Design,

Goldsmiths Hall, London

The Ritz, London,

The Lowry, Manchester,

Plymouth College of Art and Design,

Kew Gardens, London,

Association of Photographers Gallery, London,

Olympia, London,

The Gallery in Cork Street, London,

Touchestones, Rochdale,

New Brewery Arts, Cirencester,

The Photographers Lounge, Swanage

Bry Sur Marne, Paris,

Gravesend Town Hall

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Kieron Styles Art Studios, Oxford

Royal Academy, Bristol

Center Of Alternative Photography, New York

Photo Art Fair, London

Discerning Eye, The Mall gallery, London








CONTACT or 07811 320600

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