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As a silversmith, I have received multiple Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Awards for silversmithing and chasing. I also won a Johnson Matthey Metals Award for design. I make bespoke commissions, repair, renovate and restore antique and precious items.

As a specialist in old cameras and alternative photographic techniques, I repair photographic items from yesteryear.

I am also an expert on a popular BBC television restoration and repair show.



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Commission.To make a pair of candlesticks, with removable, cleanable wax drip catching tops

Repair of Agfa Billy Rangefinder camera. Rangefinder and shutter sticky, bellows damaged.Strip down clean and replace bellows. A sentimental repair for a client


Lancaster quarter-plate camera, in very poor condition. All metalwork removed, all wood cleaned, new bellows constructed. Woodwork re-French Polished. Brass polished and lacquered, new screws, lens cleaned, new leather handle

A labour of love, but worth it !

Image restoration and copy from original prints.

Stereoscopic Viewer. Tin-work polished, velvet replaced , lenses cleaned , woodwork re-French Varnished

Split ,Hester Bateman spoon repair

Hasselblad, leatherette replacement

Railfreight National Hunt Jockey's Championship trophy

Sterling silver cigarette box and matchbox

Sterling silver chased box

Sterling silver christening cup and powder bowl

Sterling silver decanter, goblets and tray

Sterling silver egg timer

Sterling silver vase

Sterling silver and oak trophy

Sterling silver phiale